A Video & CTV Leadership Networking Event


Hakkasan, Mayfair, London
Nov 28th, 2024
till 4pm


A CTV & Video Leadership Networking event

Videoweek100 is returning on November 28th, a lunch event aimed at bringing the leaders in the industry together. VideoWeek100 was originally conceived as a one time post-pandemic event to get everyone back together again, but it was such a success it is now an annual event. It brings together an interesting mix of people to get some business and connections done over great food and cocktails. But, it’s also a fantastic place to get an inside perspective on what’s coming up and what is and isn’t working.

the venue

Hakkasan, Mayfair

In November 2010 Hakkasan opened its second location in London, Hakkasan Mayfair, situated on Bruton Street. The lower ground floor embodies the traditional Hakkasan setting, with intricate wooden screens allowing intimate dining, while the ground floor encompasses a vibrant bar and a relaxed atmosphere. The kitchen is led by Global Executive Chef, Andrew Yeo and Head Chef Michael Zhen, and the restaurant’s menu features signature dishes, such as Peking duck with caviar and Roasted silver cod with Champagne and honey.  In 2012 the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star which it has retained to this day

what happens

What to expect and how to attend

VideoWeek100 will be returning on the 28th November, 2024 to Hakkasan, Mayfair.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the contact form below. Places are limited and we will be trying to ensure there’s a balance of attendees in the room.

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Places are limited and we will be trying to ensure there’s a balance of attendees from various companies in the room, but if you’d like to attend or partner, please get in touch via the form below.